I was pondering the great George Carlin wondering how he would compare a Software Project and football.

If anyone doesn't know what that refers to youtube "George Carlin compares football and baseball" (and then turn in your man card).

1. In football you have a field.
In a project you have a playlist.

2. In football you try to get to the other goal.
In a project you try to perform each task until completion.

3. In football you huddle after each play.
In a project you have a meeting after each task to discuss the direction.
In football this is important to reiterate after each play to each player that their objective
is to get the ball in the endzone.

4.Occasionally the defense ( the testers ) will make an interception and run the other way ( test things
that have no bearing on what is being developed).

5. In football you have a halftime
In a project you go on vacation.

6. Often right before halftime you try to rush the ball down the field. This is called the two minute drill.
In a project that would be clearing all tasks off your desk before going on vacation.
Or if its the end of game then that would be like trying to beat the project deadline .

7. Once in a while the ball is fumbled.
In a project that is adding new functionality and introducing a new bug.

8. Sometimes the ball is recovered ( bug fixed before testers noticed) and sometimes the defense
recovers ( get ready for a slew of new issues).

9. In football you can try for a field goal which gives you a partial score.
In a project you turn the project over when its 85% done ( because you couldn't get anyone to
explain the other 15%)
hoping the project functionality manages to perform close to as expected.

Did I miss any?