Plainville MA 02762

Web Technology PHP, Jscript,PERL,RUBY,Python,WSDL,Web Services,HTML5
Languages: PL/SQL, JAVA,VB.NET 2010,SQR.
Databases: MySQL, Oracle, MS Access.PostgreSQL,SQL Server.
Report Tools: Hyperion Brio Intelligence, SQR Developer ,MS Access,BrioLite, Cognos.
Utilities: Websphere Experience,Eclipse RAD
Products: Converge C-E,Slopeware

  • I am a Hyperion SQR Report Developer in a UNIX/Solaris environment .
  • I have Knowledge of the financial industry (fund accounting, custody).
  • Fluent in Hyperion SQR, Brio Intelligence.
  • Heavy Report formatting experience with SQR.
  • Exceptional knowledge of Oracle Stored Procedures, PL/SQL.


    Jan 2008 - Present


  • Brown Brothers Harriman Ė Jan 2008 - Present
  • Boston MA

    Currently working on porting 500 Hyperion BQYs onto Cognos platform. Task involve testing reports in Hyperion and Cognos and logging differences for developers to fix. Also working on Oracle 10g and 11i database views to analyze when conditions such as performance and no data found arise in the test region. This usually includes modifications to the view to increase performance as well as commenting certain filters to allow more data to be returned by the queries. Previous worked on a Security Lendings application porting to the Blackberry and Iphone using Vaultus technology and communicating using webservices.

    July 2000 - Dec 2007

    Technical Consultant/Self-Employed

  • Brown Brothers Harriman Ė April 2004 - Dec 2007
  • Boston MA

    I created and maintain over 400 management reports using Hyperion SQR and Brio Query. These reports are scheduled and ftped daily to the end-user through the Hyperion Portal.
    In addition to intensive reporting projects I do real-time support for operations.
    I have created over 20 reports written with XML Spy using XML XSL and FO technology. The reports are management reports that include investment holdings, cash holdings, corporate action details and investment account performance.
    Finally I created and maintain an interface between Converge and Eximius.

  • Bird's Eye View Helicopter - August 1995 - August 2009
  • Middletown RI

    Bird's Eye View is a company run out of Middletown RI. They specialize in aerial photography for both custom work and stock photos. The company was in need of a website that both provided information for their services and maintained a photo gallery that would allow viewing and ordering aerial photos online. The website is up and running and has been considered a success by the owner. The site was written using javascript and PHP. I am also responsible for organizing and maintaining the gallery photos in Adobe Photoshop and have written a web utility in Java and javascript that allows easy viewing and maintaining of the gallery on a client machine.

  • FPL (formerly Seabrook Nuclear Power) - October - December 2004
  • Seabrook NH

    This was a 3 month project that concentrated heavily in BRIO / SQR. FPL was in the final phases of installing Maximo 4.11 (workorder maintenance program) and had a need for 10 SQR reports written against an Oracle 9 database. The reports consisted mainly of detailing the projected workload for crews at the plant. Information was gathered from records that were inputted into Maximo and displayed according to specifications outline by various maintenance crew members including crew leaders, planners and schedulers.

  • Phoenix - June 2002
  • New Jersey

    This was a 1-month project. I wrote technical documentation for a Centura application.The app is used to track pharmaceutical samples sent to reps in the field.

  • Nancy Plowman and Associates
  • Winchester MA

    This was a project that I was originally assigned to while working at IDFM. I was handed the assignment as a self-employed contractor when IDFM was sold. I converted the paper and ink-testing module from Centura 1.1 into Visual Basic. Several new reports were developed in Crystal Reports to output the results of the paper and ink testing.As a follow-up to the application the client requested detailed user documentation which was completed September 2002.

  • Keyspan (formerly known as Boston Gas)
  • Brooklyn NY

    This was a 2-month project as a result of a year-long project I worked on at Boston Gas . The Boston Gas Co. was merged with Brooklyn Gas and renamed to Keyspan. I was asked to assist in the merging and data migration of Maximo between Brooklyn Gas, Boston Gas and Long Island Gas. I assisted in the design of the merger and developed interfaces between Maximo and Oracle Financial/Projects. Points of interest include the development of 3 regional databases and a corporate database. Transactions are routed from the regional databases to the corporate database then on to Oracle Projects. Likewise the corporate database will receive transactions from Oracle and route them to the appropriate regional database.

  • Mapics - August 2000 - August 2001 (formerly known as Pivotpoint)
  • Woburn Ma.

    This was a one year project. I originally worked for Mapics full-time for 4 years. I requested by the development manager to come back as a self-employed contractor to work on new modules and bug fixes. I assisted in developing a sales force automation application that will be an adjunct to Mapicís Pointman application. The application is written in html xml and java using Extrapoint, Mapicís propriety software. I modified Point.Man, a ERP product, to perform various multi-currency functions in relation to the EURO. Involves going into the base-line code using Centura and making enhancements related to requirements for the European community.Several new SQR programs were developed and several more modified according to the specifications detailed in new multi-currency functionality.

    Apr 1997 - August 2000

    IDFM, Inc. Technical Consultant

  • IDFM - June - Aug 1997
  • Burlington MA

    This is a in-house project that I worked on in between projects. I did customized work on Process Innovator, a PDM/EDM solution, using HTML and Java Script.Involved interpreting specs concerning the routing and production processes of several different PDM customers and building interfaces within Process Innovator to enter documentation about those processes.

  • Keyspan (formerly known as Boston Gas) - April 1999
  • Boston MA

    This was a full-time position. I supported Keyspansí FWMS package (The FWMS is a hybrid of PSDIís Maximo workorder maintenance application and IBMís compatible units application). Involves handling incoming calls from users, diagnosing the problem and providing solutions. Also involved in various projects such as paperless invoice.
    Coded interface using PL/SQL triggers and procedures that transferred then massaged data from a host CSS system to an Oracle data warehouse database for reporting purposes.
    I modified 40 SQR programs that were part of Maximoís standard package as well as a dozen that were developed by IBM as part of their CUE module that was interfaced to Maximo.Some notable modifications included the tweaking of several reports because of performance issues. For example some reports were running up to 12 hours. This was reduced to less than 2 minutes.
    I maintained a dozen Crystal Reports that were developed by IBM. Modifications were made to the reports based on new functionality added to the FWMS package for the mobile pen application.

  • MRO (formerly known as PSDI) - April 1998 -April 1999
  • Burlington MA

    This was a full-time position where I customized and installed Maximo, concentrating on the interface between Maximo and several third party financial packages for about 6 Maximo customers. Also involved in the development of several in-house projects including one designed for the FAA.PL/SQL was utilized to send transactions from Maximo to the third party package such as Oracle Financials. C++ was used as a means to customize the various screens in Maximo to the customerís requirements. 40 client based SQR reports were part of the standard package and were modified according to customerís requirements.

  • Koch Industries
  • Wichita KA.

    I assisted in the conversion of a manufacturing application from 16 Bit Gupta to 32 Bit Centura.I designed and wrote a utility that reads program codes and evaluates the use of that code.The utility determines if centura code is obsolete (i.e. not being used) or whether the code may be moved to other areas of the application for better reusability and a smaller footprint.
    I wrote applications that converted a batch processing Inventory Counting routine to an on-line process, which guides the user step by step through creating inventory sheets to accepting/rejecting the inventory.This was a user-requested modification that will be a major contributor in determining the success of the IS departmentís current upgrade to their new system.

  • Providence Gas - April 1997 - April 1998
  • Providence RI.

    I was responsible for the design, prototype, programming and implementation of new marketing and timesheet applications for use at a major utility company. The system was developed using Gupta and an Oracle database.I also assisted in the development of several Windows for use by the customer service center to track customer calls.These interface with an IBM mainframe application using Gupta as a screen scraping front-end using hLLapi as middleware.

    August 1993 - April 1996


    PivotPoint, Inc. Senior Developer-August 1993 - April 1996

    Woburn MA

    I worked with customers to install, integrate and enhance a client/server ERP product.The product uses Sybase and Oracle databases, Gupta GUI development tool, SQR report writer, Crystal Reports, C++,PL/SQL, and COBOL back-end processes.The application encompasses Customer Service, Sales Order Processing, Financials, Manufacturing, MRP and Purchasing.
    I designed, developed and implemented over 65 Gupta applications for A/P, and A/R, and G/L modules in Point.Man product.I was the lead developer on the project and also worked at alpha and beta customer sites to install and implement the initial release of the product.
    I assisted in the development and maintenance of 50 server based SQR programs.The function of these programs were both for reporting purposes such as balance sheet and mrp capacities and also for batch processing such as posting financial transactions to the general ledger.


    Rhode Island College: 1989 - 1994 Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science.


    USMC - 1984 - 1998. E3 - Honorable Discharge

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